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Top 20 Offline FPS/TPS Games For Android & iOS

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Top 20 Offline FPS/TPS Games For Android & iOS – Hi friends, today this blog will share to you amazing clip of Top 20 Offline FPS/TPS Games For Android & iOS, just look at the clip below

Best offline FPS & TPS Games For Android & iOS to Play in 2016.

Yo guys brought you another list of offline games this time fps and tps this is like third part of it hope you guys like it.

Earlier offline fps tps list:-
1)Top 15 Best offline FPS/TPS Games for Android & iOS part 1:-
2)Top 16 Best Offline FPS/TPS Games for Android part 2:-
3)Top 10 Best Shooting Games For Android:-

1)Special force group 2 is only game not available for iOS
2)TPS- it means Third person Shooter
3) I have also include some top down shooter the one like Minigore 2 just so you can know some more games.
4)Every Games are free here except Osiris battlefield.

Following are games names and timing of the game I mentioned in the list:-
1)Major Gun: war on terror- 0.24
2)Pixel Gun 3D- 1.03
3)Gun Master 3 Zombie Slayer- 1.26
4)Osiris Battlefield- 2.00
5)Legacy of Dead Empire- 2.45
6)Zombie Frontier 3- 3.29
7)Respawnables- 4.00
8)The Last Commando II- 4.30
9)Alien Zone Plus- 4.58
10)Star Warfare Alien Invasion HD- 5.24
11)Minigore 2- 5.46
12)Doom of the Galaxy- 6.14
13)Mad Bullet- 6.38
14)Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade- 7.09
15)The Lawless- 7.40
16)Special Force Group 2- 8.24
17)Judge Dredd vs Zombies- 9.01
18)Call of Mini Zombies- 9.31
19)Bladeslinger- 9.57
20)Suicide Squad: Special Ops- 10.23

Ingame songs:-
1)Kedam- Stories:-
2)Ahxello & Alex Skindro- Rivalry
Alex Skindro-
3)Paris Looky- Crystals-
4)Cormak- Flavours:-

Intro Songs:-
Halvorsen- She got me like

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Final words, this blog will love to inform you a great news for You folks, You could Download this good Top 20 Offline FPS/TPS Games For Android & iOS clip with clicking: This Link

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